Open Letter to the Muslims of Belgium

For the past several months, the people of Iran have been expressing their revulsion and dissatisfaction.
The Government, claiming to act in the name of Islam, has not hesitated to respond in a bloody fashion.
Films have been broadcast and other indisputable evidence has been published of massacres of peaceful demonstrators, and of executions and rape of prisoners.

All that the demonstrators have been doing is to protest in a peaceful manner against a fraudulent electoral process. On the other side, the Iranian régime claims leadership of the Muslim world while kidnapping and imprisoning journalists and torturing and executing its opponents, whom it describes as renegades.

We ask you to consider whether the attitude of this Government, which should be a defender of justice, is in accordance with the precepts of Islam.
If you do not agree with these savage acts, then why do you not condemn them? The silence of the Muslim world, which claims to defend justice, is regrettable.

The propaganda and lies of this régime, published in ten or so foreign languages, have managed to sow uncertainty.
The same régime has presented itself as a defender of the Palestinian people while at the same time sowing discord between Palestinian brothers.
It proclaims its opposition to the Israeli Government while taking positions which bring succour to the extreme right in Israel.
The Israeli attacks in Lebanon and Gaza are a consequence of the use of Iranian petrodollars to fan the flames of conflict between Palestinian brothers.
Official Iranian positions deny the Holocaust. This position only benefits the Israeli extreme right. Not only has this not helped the Palestinians, it has weakened them in the face of a very powerful adversary.

The policy of Iran towards its neighbours Iraq and Afghanistan has worsened insecurity there and caused a lot of harm to these two fraternal Muslim countries, through the extension of the presence on their territories of the United States and other Western countries.

If it is still not clear that this régime which pretends to be Islamic is in fact more concerned with maintaining itself in power than with true devotion, ask those Iranians who were shot down by the régime while they shouted “Allah o Akbar” from the rooftops.
Ask the Sunni brothers : how many Sunni mosques are there in Teheran? Answer: none! Not to mention minarets. Sunnis are forbidden from building mosques.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, no religious figure who is not close to the circle of power has the right to preach without running the same risk as the late Ayatollah Montazeri, Ayatollah Kazemein Boroudjerdi (in prison) or Ayatollah Rafsanjani who is today under very strong pressure from hardliners in the régime.

Since the installation of the Islamic Republic, the number of Muslims converting to other religions is increasing constantly.

We, the Iranians of Belgium, request our Muslim brothers and sisters of Belgium to form an opinion based on a considered reflection on the Iranian régime and its criminal behaviour towards humanity and towards Islam.

The Iranians of Belgium

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